Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A freak accident

There was a freak accident.

Everyone is fine. Nobody got hurt.

But our laptop is dead. I am currently writing this from work.

To make a long story short, it got drenched in WATER. Picture the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard Of Oz, you know the part where Dorothy accidentally throws water on her. "I'm melting, melting. Oh, what a world! What a world!" Yup. That's pretty much what happened.

Soooo, now what? Not sure how long we can go without. With My Love needing it for work and me just needing it, obsessively. I suppose we may need to hit up some boxing day sales.

But here's what's making me be a sucky wasn't any old laptop. It was a Macbook. And I loved her. Not sure if there will be another one in the near future (those beauties are not cheap).
I've been spoiled with having one (thank you Colleen).

(So Santa, if you happen to be reading this, do you think you may have some room left in that pretty red bag of yours for a computer or laptop? Maybe one that's white and has a picture of an apple on it? Thanks. xoxo)

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture this

Last night while I was busy making our condo festive, I realized something. This has become our tradition every year since My Love and I first moved in together. Since before we were even married.

Picture this:

I put up the tree. I sip wine. I decorate the tree. I sip wine. My Love tells me where there's a gap on the tree with no ornament while watching football. I sip wine. My love hangs his 3 favourite ornaments. Then back to football. I sip wine. I talk about changing the "theme" of our tree. My Love agrees and tells me he was thinking the same thing (while trying to keep a straight face). Back to football. I sip wine.

Ahhh, I love traditions. Let the festivities begin.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy 1st Blog-versary

Happy blog-versary (ok, maybe I'm a week late)!

Hard to believe one year has gone by since I discovered the world of blogging. I started blogging as a safe place. A place I can put my thoughts, feelings and experiences, rather than keeping everything inside. A place where I can be me. The real me. Where no one will judge. Where I just may inspire and comfort even one person like many have done for me. Little did I know that it would be a saving place. I quickly began to realize that I wasn't alone in the way I was feeling. Infertility sucked and there was a whole land of others who understood first hand. I felt not as alone and not so crazy.

During this past year, I have followed numerous journeys. IVF journeys. Adoption journeys. Even journeys that have involved loss. I've relished in the endometriosis success stories in hopes that mine will turn out just as miraculous. I've cried for all those that did not. Endometriosis is a bitch. I know.

I've learned so much about a lot and will continue to grow. I am so thankful for this blog, your blog and all the future blogs I will follow. You have become a special part of me.

Thank you for being a friend.