Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Well, maybe a few days late. It always amazes me on how fast the holidays fly by. So much planning, cooking, baking and eating (my personal favourite), although I am crazy about wrapping presents too.
I always hear that Christmas is for the kids and yes it is, the Santa part is. But isn't giving fun for adults?
I love to give!! From gifts to spending time to acts of kindness to all the cheesiness....I love it! And of course, who couldn't use a little dose of 'Buddy the Elf'?

For this brief moment in time everything sparkles, people smile and the world is buzzing.
Ok, maybe my world is buzzing and sparkling. I need it to just for a little while. I choose to take this festive time and appreciate what I have, be thankful for my family and friends and remember those who are no longer around (I miss you dad).

I want to hold on to this sparkle for dear life and bring it with me into the new year.

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