Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary

Dear My Love,

Happy 4th Anniversary.

It's been four years since we said our I do's on the beach. That perfect day, so beautiful. Best. Day. Ever.

Four years have gone by quickly. Always something going on. Needless to say never having a dull moment thus far...since the day we met really. If you asked me 4 years ago where I thought we'd be today it would have looked different than where we are. But here we are and I wouldn't have changed a thing. These 4 years have made us who we are today. And I'm proud of that. I'm proud of us.

From career changes to health scares to infertility and to things that don't need mentioning, one thing is certain, we are stronger now than ever before.

I've changed a bit. You've changed a bit. We've changed a bit as a couple. Separately and together these changes have all been so positive.

I think we used to dream in black and white but now we dream in colour.

With all my cheesiness and all my heart and soul I believe L.O.V.E is the best thing in the world. And with that, I believe I just may love you more today.

We love unconditionally. We argue respectfully. We learn from each other daily. I am your biggest fan. You are my greatest supporter.

I love how we know each other so well...but still not enough so we are always growing.
We are so opposite, but quite the same. Your always logical thinking compliments my always emotional ways and these extreme emotions softens this logic.

I love how you adore the 37 year old me and amuse the 5 year old me.

I may not ever understand why you want to swim 2.4 miles then bike 112 miles then run 26.2 miles for a marathon....all in one day...but I admire it. I may never join you, but I will always be there cheering you on...

To infinity and beyond.

I love you My Love.

Our wedding song.

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