Saturday, November 12, 2011

I don't get it

Do I really feel the way I do? Because it's not consistent. Ever. Some days I am so angry, I feel like I am on fire. Other days I am so hopeful, it's like I'm walking on air. I don't get it.

What I also do not get is the whole infertility thing. Blah. It's like a cruel joke.

Oh, and I don't understand endometriosis. One day it's not there and the next it's there forever.

Also, since I'm on the topic of "not getting it"...why can some people have 20 babies and others none? F* U* Duggar family.

And I can't stand people with kids who got pregnant on their first try or who "planned it that way", who want to offer me advice. Really?
Shove it.

And not to mention the people who think "it must be nice to be able to sleep all night" because I don't have to attend to a toddler who has had a bad dream.

Shove it again. I actually don't sleep at night. Period. Because I may never have a toddler. Period.

Also, I can't just's not that simple...

And NO, if I just relax it won't just happen...bitch...

And sorry I cannot go on vacation so it can happen while I'm there...because I have spent all my money on fertility treatments...genius.

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day.

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