Friday, July 29, 2011

A change is gonna come

A change is gonna come. Actually, a change has gotta come.
My Love and I decided that yes. For sure. We are on the road to IVF. I wrote this a couple weeks ago about being unsure. But we are sure. We know what we will do before, during and after IVF. That feels good.

We realize this road is not going to be an easy one, but until we reach our destination, I have a feeling I will be learning a few much needed lessons along the way. I already feel the changes happening. In my heart. In my mind.

It's not a secret that IVF is a whole lotta money. Also, not a secret, we don't have it (don't know many people who do).

But what's amazing is we are surrounded by people who want to help. And help sooooooo much. My beautiful friend has been hosting IVF fundraising garage sales . Well, garage sale #2 will be this weekend. How'd it happen so quickly? With a well written email sent from my sisters and friend (I love you ladies!), we have managed to receive donations of stuff. Good stuff. New stuff. Toys, furniture, household get the picture.
And the donations keep pouring much so we will be having garage sale #3 at one of my sister's houses next weekend. Donations from family, friends, friends of friends, their co workers, complete strangers, neighbours and even the bank teller who asked what all the coins were for.

I'm overwhelmed by the kindness. support. love. by people.

I have always thought that some people are kind. But most people not so much.
However, now I see that it's quite the opposite.

Perhaps I only acknowledge the rude people because I am in awe at how they could be that way.
But that doesn't make sense. That's wasted energy. Pay no mind to them.

Acknowledge kindness. Be aware of the positive people.

There we have it. Lesson #1.

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