Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Will it hurt?

About a month ago, I wrote about some funny business and yesterday was the first part of the nerve assessment test. It was really more of an in depth consultation. I was asked a million questions and then hit with a medical mallet of some sort on what must have been every part of my body. The whole time the doctor told me to pretend I'm not here....Really? OK. Let me just look out the window while you beat me.

A little dramatic? I know. But I'm secretly freaking out while trying to appear calm. Since we don't know what it is yet, I'll try not to get carried away. I mean c'mon, I've been dealing with infertility and endometriosis for what seems like forever, so this should be a walk in the park. Right?

I hope.

Anyway, part 2 will take place on Monday. I will be having an EMG- electromyography test. The secretary gave me an information sheet which read:

      "EMG is a diagnostic test carried out on nerves and muscles. Electrodes are attached to the arm or leg and an electrical pulse is delivered to the nerve. The speed of the nerve function is then measured. Other electrodes will record the activity of the muscle and the technologist is then able to listen to certain sounds in the muscle. Small pin pricks will be felt with this part of the procedure. The electrical pulses and pin pricks are minimal. There is no special preparation for this test and no after effects"

And after reading it myself, my natural instinct was to ask, "Will it hurt? and how long is this test?"

The answer, "Well, it's just going to be a little uncomfortable and be prepared to be here for an hour."

Wow. Ok. I've heard the 'a little uncomfortable' speech before and I know what it means.
It means yes it will hurt... of course it will hurt...absolutely will hurt the whole hour.

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