Monday, January 23, 2012

The call

It's been quite an interesting week to say the least.

I received my results, prescription and diet suggestions from my naturopath. And she has discovered another piece to my ever growing infertility puzzle. As it turns out, I have a pituitary PCOS variant. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is this. And if you recall or need a reminder of the whole pituitary gland scenario it's here.  I guess I never did share the results of it all but long story short.. "nothing to worry about" according to the neurologist and all my fancy schmancy dye tests I had to do.

But it would appear there is something to worry about or address. PCOS. So thanks to my wonderful naturopath, I will address it...and the endo...and the hypothyroidism...oh my...

Next on the agenda of interesting things....I got the call. THE call for surgery. Apparently, there was a cancellation and I was next on the list. January 27th is when I am scheduled. Such short notice right? But I'll take it!!
I'll take it because it means that I am that much closer to IVF. That much closer to our baby. I am having some mixed feelings. I am so excited. So scared. So everything. I have been playing the "what if" game in my head. Like what if the endometriosis is way worse and the Doctors need to remove my ovaries or fallopian tubes. I know. The "what if" game is stupid and never results in anything productive.

In my last post I told you my word of the year was believe. So, this is a great time to believe.

Believe. Believe. Believe.


  1. I always say it's better to know, than not know when it comes to health stuff. At least you've got the diagnosis, so now they can help you work through steps to reaching your goal! I hope it all goes well on Friday.

    1. You got that right Ali. Thanks for the well wishes!

    2. I know you might be scared but look at this as a stepping stone for your 2012!! A little pain for a beautiful out come:)
      I love reading all your blogs, it really helps me understand what u are going through. Although I will never really know how you feel, I will always be here for you!
      I love you sister xoxo