Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Git 'R Done

Hard to believe just last Thursday I was on my way to pre-admin for surgery the next day.

Also hard to believe I'm still pretty sore AND I've managed to schedule our IVF protocol and psychologist appointment (a required evaluation for any couple choosing IVF...hope we pass...teehee) for Wednesday.

That's right for To.Morr.Ow. Less than 1 week post laproscopic "endometriosis you suck" surgery. Although surgery was a better than imagined outcome. So take that endometriosis.

I mean business. Not wasting any time here. No more playing games.

I'm gonna keep the positive mojo flowing and the laws of attraction attracting.

Ummm actually, now that I think about it...can anyone shed some light on what to expect on this protocol appointment? Better yet...how about pointers on passing a psych evaluation.

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