Friday, February 3, 2012

What stress?

So typical. So easily frazzled I can get.

Wednesday was a big appointment day at the clinic. And as usual, my not so graceful self, had My Love and I believing this psychologist appointment was a pass or fail test ... a "check this box if the infertiles are also crazies" type meeting.

Not so much either. It was a rather refreshing little chat. The psych doc asked us questions and gave us scenarios. We each took turns answering and I must admit I quite enjoyed hearing the answers from My Love. It just reminded me of that solid foundation we have...even as opposite as we may be sometimes. I needed that reminder.

The IVF protocol appointment wasn't that either.  It was more a pre-IVF protocol appointment. The actual appointment is still to come.

Clearly a newbie to the IVF club.

We have a plan in place. And I have never wanted Aunt Flo to arrive as much as I do now. (GET HERE ALREADY BITCH!!). Because as soon as she gets here, I am going on the birth control pill.  Just for one cycle. And then it will all begin.

Injections. Hormones. Hope.


The doctor said this will be one of the most difficult and trying things we will ever do and the main thing is to KEEP STRESS LEVEL DOWN. I think back to all my IUI cycles. I was a freak. It was not pretty. 

I am so thankful for the many fertility blogs I follow. And the new ones I often stumble upon. Makes everything not so lonely and scary.

So...any suggestions on this whole stress level business? What sort of things did you do to pass the very slow IVF time?


  1. Try yoga and acupuncture. Both have been known to help with the IVF process! Good luck! Xox

    1. Yes! Those 2 things are on my list for sure!! Haven't tried acupunture yet, but willing to do anything at this point.

    2. Too many of my friends and as well my sister have been going through a similar experience. A close friend recently went to Mexico for experimental autoimmune treatments.....and is now starting a new cycle for IVF. If this worked.....could be something worth sharing.....sounds sketchy I know....but I know she will do whatever she can.
      Hope it all works out for you.....thinking of you.

    3. Hi Sonia,
      Thanks for sharing and I wish your friend all the best too. I'm probably at the end of trying any other treatments. This will be our one and only IVF attempt for so many reasons. So I will just believe it's going to work.

      Is this Sonia with the sister (Linda, if my memory is correct with the name) who has endometriosis? Sonia that my cousin saw a little while ago? If it is...when I first was diagnosed with endo, Linda was who came to mind. Does she have a child?

      And congrats on becoming an RN...happy to see you followed your dream!

    4. Hey!
      Yes same Sonia! I became and RN and then went back to school to become an NP.
      Linda has not had kids but mostly because they have focused their attention on other things. But she did one attempt at IVF 8 years ago and it failed. But techniques are much better and they have improved the process dramatically. Hope all your dreams come true my friend! Xoxo

  2. Wishing you the best of luck on this journey. I'll be reading to hear good news down the road... :)

    1. Aww thank you and yes please follow along. In a very strange way following and other followers gives me comfort. I look forward to sharing good news...and hearing wonderful news about your adoption journey too.

  3. Wow that's such progress for you! You've made me realise how far I've got to go before I get anywhere near the 'about to start' stage of IVF. How long was your psych appointment for? And were you able to answer every question without a problem? IE no big surprises that you hadn't already thought of?

    1. And the crazy thing is I haven't even "truly" started! The psych appointment wasn't long. 45 min.She asked us things about our childhood, what type of support system we have and what will we do if this IVF cycle doesn't work. Asked if we avoid social gatherings, friends with babies, etc. (and lets face it all infertiles have). There were no major suprises, it was sort of interesting in a way...she asked hubby about me, how I've been coping and it was nice to hear his reflection.
      Will you be arranging your appointment soon?

  4. HI! I am almost through my first IVF round and the injections were not the bad part. Lying awake at night worrying about a failed cycle is what got me most often. I employed long walks with my dogs, lukewarm baths, eating really healthy, and visualizing.

    A number of people - including my acupuncturist (I would highly recommend looking into that, and having the acupuncturist treat you for stress) - told me to visualize. It was hard for me to do so for a while because I couldn't figure out what gender baby to focus on. Then the therapist I have been seeing told me to visualize what my body is doing. The growing uteral lining. The growing follicles. That was easy and was what helped the most of any of my stress-relieving tactics.

    Finally, I know a lot of us worry about stress being the cause of our infertility. My therapist told me this: there are women in war torn countries who are raped and beaten and having their families murdered. They get pregnant and they are certainly more stressed than me. Stress is not the reason I'm not getting pregnant. It's medical. That gave me comfort.

    I'm excited to hear how your cycle goes! I remember wanting AF more than ever before so I could start birth control. Was such a mind fuck to want AF when I'd spent 2 years hoping she'd stay away.

    Good luck!!

    1. Thank you for sharing that, I am willing to try anything as this will be our one and only opportunity to do IVF.

      Great way to describe wanting AF now...mind fuck no doubt!