Tuesday, February 21, 2012

She's heeerre


Cycle day 1.

I will be going tomorrow morning to have baseline blood work done, ultrasound and we'll take it from there (I'm not really sure what else). I will also start the birth control pill (as long as blood work says I really am cd 1).

Crap my heart is racing. We are actually doing this. It's on....count down to IVF. 

In an attempt to stay focused (or distracted) and make the next 28 birth control pill days go by super fast, I am giving myself a challenge. A 28 day happiness challenge. Daily posts of happy things.

So, if this is going to be CD 1...


Starting a brand new cycle.

In the beginning of a new cycle hope is renewed and positivity is flowing. That feeling of "this is it", "this is the cycle" takes over. It's a good vibe. I'll accept it.

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