Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy post #5 & #6

I seemed to have missed posting my happy posts #5 and #6, on Saturday and Sunday. Oops! I suppose I was just soooo busy being happy. 

It was a super busy weekend. Saturday I worked and Sunday was all about our bathroom renovation.

So, I am going to cheat a bit and do a double happy post.


Happiness is spending time with the one you love. Which is exactly what I did this weekend. After work on Saturday, My Love and I made dinner together and chatted (my favourite during our dinner prep). Then we cuddled (well, it was My Love's version of cuddling, not mine, but I'll take it) up on the couch and watched (ok, My Love watched, I fell asleep on his shoulder) a movie. Don't you just love it? So cozy.

Then the happiness continued on Sunday, when we finalized our bathroom colour, made a trip to The Home Depot and returned home where the transforming of our bathroom began. That totally makes me happy!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend spending time with the ones you love!


  1. Oh gag... You're too damn cheerful.

    1. Sure.I'm trying to fill up on all the cheer I can get before the injected hormones take over in a couple weeks! And when they'll be the first point of contact. teehee.