Tuesday, February 7, 2012

News flash


I have changed my heading.

So instead of ... the good. the bad. the infertile.
it is now...the good. the bad. the road to IVF.

I figured maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. I'm not infertile. Just fertility challenged (thank you endometriosis). Everything that has happened, or has not happened has lead me here, on this road to IVF.

And this is where I am. And this is where I am meant to be. And while I am here, I will do my best to accept and embrace what is. Because what this is, is my life. I may not be able to change some aspects of  my life, but I can change the way I see it. I wouldn't have chosen this route, but I was given this way and I wouldn't change it now (ok maybe I would change it so I win the lottery).

I have learned things that I may never have learned if it wasn't for this road. I have felt emotions that words cannot describe. I truly appreciate the little things more, like Sunday morning's sleep in, the crisp, fresh feel of fall and I always hold that welcoming hug from my beautiful niece just a bit longer.

Kind, gentle words matter. Thoughtfulness and gratitude will always bring me back to reality. My Sunday visits with my family are priceless. Love is the most important thing.

I'm learning to have an open heart. Always. With everything that life throws at me I need to see it through the eyes of Love. That's not easy. Not easy at all. I'm trying.

Then there's a whole blogging world out there that I have discovered because of this road to IVF. And I LOVE IT. A place to vent and feel safe. A place to read other stories. It's a not so lonely place. There are fellow bloggers who support and comment (please keep them coming, I love them) and who follow me (and please follow me...who doesn't love to see their number of followers grow, it's a wonderful feeling to know others are reading my story too). And I adore, support and follow right back.

So, where was I going with this....

Oh right, I've changed my heading. And maybe I'm looking at this all wrong...

because all these defining moments lead to the road to IVF.

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