Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And so it begins

First of all, what do I really know about IVF cycles. In my mind the birth control pill was 28 days, but everything is different in the world of IVF. Therefore, after receiving my timeline chart I need to amend my 28 day happiness challenge. I don't start the pill 'til tomorrow but, I'll still count yesterday as day 1 and continue 'til I stop the pill. It is now a 19 day happiness challenge (happy post #2 will follow).

So let me begin by saying this cycle has started off with a bang. Yesterday, I was all pixie dust and fairy tales and today back to reality. I almost  forgot the roller coaster ride that comes with cycling, but I was quickly reminded today. I can already see it. This cycle is going to be very interesting (and that's the best word I could come up with while attempting to stay on the positive train).

For today, CD 2 found a 3.8 cm cyst on my left ovary. I'm pretty sure I had that there presurgery. So why was it not removed during surgery. I'm confused. OR is it possible this is a new cyst that has grown since? But it's only been 3 1/2  weeks post surgery.

Moving on. I received my timeline chart/plan for our cycle and was told I'd get a call if anything was up with my blood work. If no call, just follow the chart. Easy peasy. On my way out I asked if the results of My Love's sperm chromatin test results were in. I was told no. Alright then, on my way.

It was not even 10 minutes and I received a call from the nurse. She told me there was a misunderstanding in their office and My Love's sperm was never sent to the proper lab for that type of analysis (which is different than the other semen analysis' he's completed). So, another sample will be needed asap. Needless to say, My Love was not happy.

Again moving on. About an hour after that call, I received another one. It was about my blood work. Turns out my prolactin hormone level is too high and I need medication for that immediately. Off to the pharmacy I went. The ironic thing is, and after having a mini consult with Dr. Google, it's screaming me...symptoms, pituitary gland, and everything else from that link. The med for this I will be taking is called bromocriptine . The side effects all sound a bit scary...except for the increased libido...I could totally use some of that. And where was this pill during our other cycles?!

 Quite the day, eh?

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