Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 5

Here we are, Day 5 on our IVF chart. The injections aren't too bad. It helps that the needles aren't that big. My Love has been giving them to me, which I totally prefer and I think he does too. It's his way of being physically involved as much as he can and I haven't had the nerve yet to stick myself.

On our day 1 we started off with 9 tiny follicles, a smaller cyst and as of yesterday we had 14 follicles and a still shrinking cyst. Yay! That's all I really know. I haven't asked for great details or if that's too much too soon or what the exact numbers are for my blood results. So far I haven't wanted to know. I figure the more I know the more obsessive I will become (shocking right?).  I will return to the clinic for ultrasound and blood work again. I'll ask for details tomorrow though.

This time last year we were heading into our last medicated IUI cycle. That was a tough cycle in every way. But this a completely different cycle that will end with a completely different result.

I hope.

It will.

I pray.


  1. It will have a different result...I have so much hope for you!! I'm proud of you for rocking out those shots. Once stims start, time flies. I pray the same is true for you! xoxo

    1. Thank you for the support, means a lot. It is such an emotional time and those extra hormones don't help either!!

  2. I think that is great that your love is involved. Everytime I would give myself a shot mine would get sqeemy! Good luck this cycle! My fingers are crossed!

  3. Thank Kelly! that's too funny your love would get sqeemy! Imagine if they had to go through all the ultrasounds we have too. LOL