Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy post #19

Happy post #19

Happiness is completion. It's finishing what you've started.

When I first thought of this, I was thinking more that I have completed my challenge of #19 happy posts. But the more I thought about it, completion really pertains to every part of life. Sure it may be a book you've started or a lingering project you keep meaning to get done, but it could also be an unresolved issue or feelings that you haven't dealt with. Or maybe a situation you may be avoiding. It may even be a life lesson you just haven't grasped yet.

It feels good to have closure or completion regardless of what it may be. See the experience, lesson, project, challenge that you started, for what it is. Complete it and move on. Learn from it and grow. Allow for your next experience or lesson to present itself and accept it. And in doing so, the clutter in your mind, heart and home will slowly dissolve. Now that's happiness.

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