Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our experience

Tuesday was quite the day. It was somewhat of a blur! On our way to the clinic, about to park the car, My Love got a stupid ticket. We made a left turn to follow the large P sign and didn't realize there was a time restriction on that turn. Blah. I feel pretty bad because I wasn't a very good look out passenger, just a very follicle filled, nervous one.

Anyway, once we arrived it took no time at all to get registered and change and prepped. There was another couple just ahead of us, this was their fourth IVF and their first resulted in a daughter.

Just before we were about to go in, my doctor came to see me. She laughed at me because apparently I had, "I'm freaking out" all of my face. Lucky for her I have a great sense of humour because her laughing almost warranted a punch in the face.

I went pee one last time before the procedure and then the nurse brought me into the room. My Love was already there with the doctor and 4 others, nurses and ultrasound tech. Once on the bed before I knew it, it was scoot down, spread 'em and spotlight (My Love got a kick out of the massive spotlight on my va jay jay). The doctor was ready and I hadn't even got my pain meds or my sedative. The timing was off on that for sure because I felt everything AND I'm pretty sure the dosage sucked because it didn't last.

During the procedure, we watched as the fluid was aspirated out of each follicle, at this point is the egg detaches from the follicle wall and is sucked out of the ovary. It was pretty amazing to be able to see the process. Science and medicine are a beautiful thing.

My recovery wasn't too bad. I was pretty sore though and received a lovely pain killer injection afterwards. Once we got home, I cuddled on the couch with my blanket and pillow, while trying to watch Ellen.

Our embryo transfer day is scheduled for Sunday.

As of today this is our embryo progress report...

Tuesday - we retrieved 7 eggs
Wednesday - of our 7 eggs, 5 were mature & 5 fertilized.
Thursday - of our 5 embryos, 1 embryo has stopped growing. We now have 4 embryos.

Hang in there my little embryos!


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  1. oh, you poor thing with the meds not kicking in or wearing off! It would be very cool to watch the process!

    Good luck and grow little embabies grow!