Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy post#18

Happy post #18

Happiness is getting a good night sleep.

I usually wake up half way through the night, need to pee, get a sip of water, check the time, adjust the heat, steal the covers, fluff my pillow, count down the days to IVF, check that my alarm clock is set, think about what colour I'd like to paint the kitchen, losing 10 pounds, wanting to go on a vacation, think of baby names, wonder if we will have twins and, well you get the idea. But every now and again when I can turn my mind off (which I am getting better at) it is heavenly. Waking up so refreshed and well rested is truly priceless. Also, makes for a more content me.

I don't do naps though. Just not a big fan, no matter how tired I may be. My Love, on the other hand though, loves naps. I tell him naps are for whimps and babies.

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