Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy post #11 & #12

Although we've had a pretty mild winter, I am soooo ready for spring. Springtime brings on freshness, flowers and what else?...SPRING CLEANING! Which I love to do.

It's the time where everyone starts to get rid of things from clothes to furniture. The closets, basements and garages get organized and purged, which only leads to...drum roll please...GARAGE SALES!

That is why #11 & #12 go hand in hand.


Happiness is cleaning. I know sounds weird but it feels so good! To clean, organize, get rid of stuff. Ahhh I just love it.


Happiness is finding someone else's trash that you can treasure. Garage sales. Yard sales. Upcycling. Making something old new again. I better sharpen up my best price negotiating skills.

Cleaning our space, having our garage sale and then going to other garage sales = FUN.

Or counter productive is what My Love likes to call it. But he's not a big fan of other peoples "junk".

AND I know what you are thinking..."she is quite the life of the party".

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